Improving Cybersecurity through Staff Awareness

Improve Cybersecurity through Staff Awareness

Information security can be tricky. Spending millions on improving security posture is not enough to prevent every potential disaster. In fact, organizations hit by security attacks are not always the ones with loose security. Alternative reasons for attack include bad fortune on a particular day, a newer form of attack, an outdated control, etc. However, an enterprise’s greatest vulnerability is often the poor security awareness of enterprise employees.

Employees and staff must be made aware of the security environment around them. Awareness is not financially expensive, especially when compared with installing the latest security controls around the enterprise premises. On the other hand, awareness is very challenging in terms of planning, time management and implementation to ensure employees are well aware of cybersecurity and prepared to take on new, daily challenges.

Introduce employees to general security awareness

Creating enterprise security awareness among employees begins with highlighting the need for individuals to secure their own interests. People will be most interested in first hearing how they can secure their own devices, before they will show any interest in making enterprise resources secure. Moreover, an employee who is personally security conscious is more likely to better understand the security needs of the enterprise and to positively engage with and follow enterprise standing operating procedures.

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About the author: Abdul Subhani