Minor Issues Leading to Major Cyber Incidents

IT has rapidly transformed our world into a global village. With numerous facilitations and automations our lifestyle has revolutionized. Today’s settled life is incomplete without Internet, connectivity, mobile phones, social media etc. On the other hand, IT has provided assistances to the criminals and negative forces as well. Numerous articles and blogs surface on a regular basis concerning cyber security and the controls to safeguard against cyber hackers.

Cyber security has attained more attention in recent years as compared to earlier times of the IT boom. Enterprises do not hesitate to spend handsome amounts on cyber defense because they realize the repercussions of overlooking the cyber security aspects. But the question arises whether cyber-attacks are due to cyber security controls being installed by enterprises? This is not the case. Enterprises are still being attacked resulting in loss of data, reputation and money.

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About the author: Abdul Subhani