abdul b.subhani
Abdul B. Subhani
Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Certified Internet Marketer
Texas Licensed Private Investigator
Certified Project Manager E-Business
Google Adwords Qualified Individual
IC3 - Internet and Computing Core Certification
Certified E-Commerce Consultant
Certified Anti Terrorism Specialist
Certified Fraud Examiner
Certified Ethical Hacker
CompTIA - Network +
CompTIA - Security +
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Educational Background

Tarleton State University

Master of Science (M.S.)
United States
Killeen, Texas

Additional Information:

GPA: 4.0 Texas A&M University System

Major Coursework

  • Systems Analysis for Managers
  • Quantitative Concepts in Computing
  • Telecommunications for Managers
  • Management Information Systems
  • Applied Database Management
  • Research Methods in Information Systems

Research Work

  • Forward Error Correction
  • Program Language & Design - Documentation Schemes
  • Object-Oriented Software Project Size Estimation
  • E-Business Development / Management
  • Wide Area Network Implementation - System Availability
Information Systems

Excelsior College

Bachelor of Science in Technology
United States
Albany, New York

Additional Information:

Member of the University of the State of New York
The National Deans List
Computer Technology

Central Texas College

Associate in Applied Science
United States
Killeen, Texas

Additional Information:

The National Deans List
Computer Science

Central Texas College

United States
Killeen, Texas
Computer Operator

Central Texas College

United States
Killeen, Texas
Network Specialist

Central Texas College

United States
Killeen, Texas
Information Center Specialist
Work Experience

Adjunct Faculty

Texas A&M University - Central Texas, Killeen, TX
Jan 2010 - Present
Teaching Undergraduate level Computer Information Systems Courses. Provides a learning environment in which students with different learning modalities may attain success. Remains current with trends, techniques, and advances in equipment that are applicable to the programs. Assesses students’ performance by using written and oral tests to ensure students meet course objectives.

President & CEO

Centex Technologies, Killeen, TX
Jan 2006 - Present
Manages and operates a computer consulting company. Centex Technologies, is serving in the Central Texas area that assists businesses by providing technical support for a specific problem or project. Provides an entire range of services including IT Consulting, Tech Support/PC repair, Network Installation & Maintenance, New Upgrade Hardware & Software, Web Design & Web Application Development, Software Design & Development, and Hardware, Software: 1-on- Training. Currently serving wide range of businesses including real estate, hospitals, medical billing, communications, insurance, boys & girls clubs and much more.

Adjunct Faculty

Central Texas College, Killeen, TX
Jul 2002 - Jun 2018
Stays current and knowledgeable in the IT industry. Designs and develops stand-up/instructor led training and distance learning curriculum. Performs instructor-led Technical and Desktop Applications classroom and one-on-one instruction. Provides a learning environment in which students with different learning modalities may attain success. Remains current with trends, techniques, and advances in equipment that are applicable to the programs. Assesses students’ performance by using written and oral tests to ensure students meet course objectives.

Director of IT Audit

Clements Boys & Girls Clubs, Killeen, TX
Jun 2004 - Dec 2006
Primarily concern with the development, implementation, operation, monitoring, and evaluation of the technology program for the Boys & Girls Clubs technology system. Provides leadership in identifying hardware and software purchases, ensuring that they are consistent with the system instructional technology plan and national Boys & Girls Clubs technology guidelines. Coordinates, and deliver, staff development on technology competencies needed for teaching the kids Computer/Technology Skills. Works collaboratively with the other members of the Boys & Girls Clubs system central office staff and building staff to use technology and include technology applications as an integral part of the total instructional program.

Subject Matter Expert

Convergys Corporation, Killeen, TX
Aug 2000 - May 2002
Worked on AT&T project SALES & (CSSC) Customer Sales and Service Center. Resolved escalated customer complaints while using the AT&T guidelines. Prepared reports and conducted meetings with associates to meet internal and client requirements. Observed, co-led, and led new hire and on-going training in sales and customer services. Worked closely with the trainer and supervisors to develop and change classroom delivery strategies, including multi-media preparation.

Academic Experience

  • Years Teaching Experience 16
  • Total Number of Presentations 50+
  • 1st Choice of Subject Area Science - Computer Science
  • Years Experience in 1st Choice 12
  • 2nd Choice of Subject Area Vocational and Technical - Telecommunications
  • Years Experience in 2nd Choice 08
  • Highest Degree Taught Bachelors in Science
  • Eligible to work in US? Yes
  • Total Number of Publications 10
  • Total Number of Grants Received 2
  • Years Working Experience 14

Online Teaching Experience

  • Introduction to Computer Forensics BlackBoard8
  • Integrated Software Applications BlackBoard8
  • Intro/PC Operating System BlackBoard8
  • Internet/Web Page Development BlackBoard8
  • Introduction to Database BlackBoard8
  • Network+ BlackBoard8
  • Information Technology Security BlackBoard8
  • Design Network Infrastructure BlackBoard8
  • Systems Analysis & Design BlackBoard8
  • Personal Computer Help Desk BlackBoard8
  • Introduction to Internet BlackBoard8
  • Golden Deeds - Killeen Exchange Club
    Unity for service - 2020/2021 Award
  • NAACP - The President's Lifetime Achievement Award
    For your outstanding contribution to Civil Justice and Equality for All Award
  • The President's Student Service Award
    In Recognition of Outstanding Community Service Award
  • Outstanding Achievement for Youth
    Central Texas Youth Coalition Incredible Kids Celebration Award
  • CTC Alumni - Alumni of Distinction
    In recognition of outstanding achievement and leadership Award
  • State of Texas Small Business Award
    Recognized by the Office of the Governor and Texas Workforce Commission Award
  • Service Leadership Award
    For significant effort to help others achieve their dreams through free enterprise education Award
  • State of Texas House of Representatives
    Becoming a Texan Recognized: April 24, 2014
  • United States Senator
    Earning citizenship Recognized: April 24, 2014
  • Congressional Recognition
    Youth Coalition of Outstanding Achievement Award
  • U.S House of Representatives
    Incredible Kids Sponsor Recognized: 2014
  • U.S House of Representatives
    Incredible Kids Sponsor Recognized: 2017
  • Boys & Girls Club
    Honored member of the Jeremiah Milbank Society Recognized: 2011-2017
  • AT&T (CSSC) - Sales
    Highest Sales in Training Award
  • Who's Who Among America's Teachers
    Honoring our nation's most respected Teachers Recognized: 2004-2005
  • Who's Who Among America's Teachers
    Honoring our nation's most respected Teachers Recognized: 2003-2004
AdS: An adaptive spectrum sensing technique for survivability under jamming attack in Cognitive Radio Networks

IEEE 802.22 Cognitive Radio Network (CRN) allows sharing of geographically unused spectrum allocated tothe television broadcast service, on a non-interfering basis. CRNs make use of Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA)which is a two-stage mechanism comprisingfast sensing, which is mandatory andfine sensingwhich is optional.However, the two-stage spectrum sensing mechanism suits malicious nodes in the CRN which intend to denythe use of vacant spectrum to the CRN by jamming its communication while at the same time, minimizingthe amount of power expended on jamming. SuchMinimal Denial of Service(MDoS) jamming attack can belaunched by the malicious nodes by transmitting a very short jamming signal during the mandatory fast sensingstage which will in turn force the CRN to carry out the otherwise optional, fine sensing.

MDoS jamming attackresults in wastage of spectrum opportunities for the rest of the CRN to the extent which can jeopardize itssurvivability. In this paper we presentAdS: an IntelligentAdaptive spectrumSensing technique which, not onlyminimizes the effects of MDoS jamming attack but can also reduce the effects of noise during the spectrumsensing stages of DSA. The adaptive nature of AdS improves spectrum utilization by CRNs by up to 90%through adaptive tuning of the fine sensing threshold which is based on an estimate of PU’s activity and theseverity of MDoS jamming attack.

Computer Communications
Intro to WWW Marketing
Businesses that fail to engage in Internet marketing are doomed to perform poorly in the new market place, which is why you must actively engage in cyberspace.

Abdul B. Subhani, an Internet marketing expert, explains how to promote your brand online to aggressively sell more products and services. Learn how to:

  • Get your business featured at the top of the results page when people search for keywords on Google, Yahoo! Bing, and other search engines
  • Use pay-per-click advertising and measure the success of campaigns
  • Market your business on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.
  • Create a website that fully optimizes the results of Internet marketing.

You'll also learn how other businesses have successfully used Internet marketing to reshape and improve their businesses.

Whether you work at a small, mid-sized, or large company, Internet marketing can pay off big for your business. Learn the basic principles underlying one of the most affordable and effective forms of outreach with Intro to WWW Marketing.

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Stay Safe! A Basic Guide to Information Technology Security

Information security is vital to the health of today’s businesses, but designing, managing, and implementing IT security applications and answering fundamental IT security questions can seem like a daunting task—especially to those who are not the most tech savvy. What is security? And how can business leaders ensure that their virtual networks, business assets, and intellectual property are secure from the threat of viruses, malware, and malicious users?

Stay Safe! A Basic Guide to Information Technology Security provides an overview of the fundamental aspects of computer and network security. Examine how information security applies to applications, the Internet, and other networks, cloud computing, mobile devices, and more. Become familiar with different types of information security protection, including access control, antivirus software, cryptography, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, data backup and recovery, and biometrics. Understand different information technology threats, such as malware and social engineering.

Because network and computer security is critical for today’s businesses, it is important for management to be informed and able to discuss intricate information-security issues with technical experts. This guide will explain security concepts and help business leaders be more confident in their decisions regarding information security infrastructure.

Stay Safe
978-1-4582-2027-1 (SC ISBN)
978-1-4582-2028-8 (HC ISBN)
978-1-4582-2029-5 (Ebook ISBN)
Smarter World, Bigger Threats explains what the Internet of Things

The information technology revolution has significantly changed the way in which people interact with the world. Among other things, it has allowed us to access information about almost anything instantaneously and has given us the ability to easily purchase goods without leaving our homes. The Internet of Things is the next step of this revolution and will further transform the world by allowing us to connect our many "things" to the Internet. It will allow our smart cars to drive themselves and our smart refrigerators to automatically order food for us. However, making the world smarter will lead to greater security and privacy challenges.

Smarter World, Bigger Threats explains what the Internet of Things is by providing an overview of its history, development, and technical structure. It is estimated that billions of devices will be connected to the Internet in the coming years. Additionally, these devices will have access to financial or other personal information of its users. This will lead to many technological, security, and privacy challenges. Smarter World, Bigger Threats highlights these challenges and provides possible solutions.

Stay Safe
9781458222657 (SC ISBN)
9781458222640 (HC ISBN)
9781458222633 (Ebook ISBN)




    • ISACA – Information Systems Audit & Control Association - Member
    • ACFE – Association of Certified Fraud Examiners - Members
    • EC Council - Member
    • FBI Infragard - Austin Chapter Member
    • National Cyber Watch Center - Member
    • Intelligence and National Security Alliance - Member
    • Insider Threat Alliance - Member
    • Institute of Internal Controls - Member


    • Clemson University / Boys & Girls Clubs of America
    • Non Profit Budgeting
    • Productivity & Measurable Objectives
    • Non Profit Budgeting
    • Marketing Matters
    • Communication
    • Decision Making
    • Work Life Balance


    • Member of Yale School of Management Chief Executive Leadership Institute - CEO Caucus
    • Association of United States Army (Fort Hood Chapter) - Board of Governor
    • Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce - Past Chairman of the Board
    • Subhani Foundation - President
    • Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas - Past Chairman & Current Chair of Human Resources Committee
    • Clements Boys & Girls Club - Chair Board Development
    • Killeen ISD Education Foundation - Past Board Member
    • Central Texas College Foundation - Past Board Member
    • Texas A&M University Central Texas - Alumni Association - Past Board Member
    • Texas A&M University Central Texas Foundation - Board Member
    • Scott & White Hospital - McLane's Children's Hospital Advisory Board
    • Congressional Achievement Award for Outstanding Students in Career and Technical Education (CTE) Selection Board
    • Advent Health Hospital Central Texas - Board Member